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Contribute photos, text, memories or arrange to be interviewed


You can contribute photographs, other artefacts, and text either by scanning and uploading them yourself or by getting in touch with us. We will take copies to put on to the website or keep in the archive held at Gloucestershire Archives.


You can also contribute your memories either by writing them and uploading them as text, leaving them as a comment or by inviting us to interview you.


If you would like to be interviewed, just get in touch with us by selecting "Contribute" on the "Contact Us" page and a member of The Hidden Lives project will get in touch with you to explain what is involved.

Interviews are conducted by a trained team of two representatives from the project. They take between 20 mins to one hour.

Where you're interviewed is up to you. Interviews can either be conducted in your own home, in an arranged location in the community, or at one of our memory events. Many people have already chosen to speak to us in both their homes and at our events. For a look at The Memory Fair we held at The Picturedrome Theatre check out our Hidden Lives Events page!

If you'd like us to interview you at home, the date and time is entirely at your convenience. We'll confirm this with you beforehand and also the names of the two people who'll be interviewing. You will also be able to have a conversation with at least one of the interviewers beforehand to arrange the topics you'd like to talk about.

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