Sparkes' Bakery

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Reminiscence of a Bakery in Ryecroft Street

By John Putley

I used to work for the family firm of E. O. Putley & Son in Ryecroft Street.  My Dad started the firm around 1965.  I used to visit as a child and started working there in 1980.  I always remember that the highlight of any visits as a kid and, as an employee, was the morning "crib time" or teabreak.

The reason was that our treat was a "dripping cake" from the famous Sparkes' Bakery down the road!

"Drips" (as they were known) were simply scrumptious - thin dark brown pastry tops with air holes in the centre pastry and thick gooey, toffee-like stuff on the bottom. If you were lucky, you got one with loads of goo! 

People from all over Tredworth and the whole of Gloucester used to come by Ryecroft Street at around 10.30 to collect them; at times the whole street was blocked up with cars and vans and the queue often ran outside the shop door and down the street.

You can find a recorded reminiscence about Sparkes' Bakery here.

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