Gordon Barrington

An interview conducted when Gordon was Chairperson of the Charter Court Residents' Association

By Paul Evans

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Recorded in April 2012 when Gordon was Chair of the Charter Court Residents Association, he is in conversation with Anna and Michelle Wilson.  As Gordon mentions, at the time he was confined to a wheelchair but the good news is that was a temporary situation.  Born outside Bath, Gordon has lived in many parts of the Country, and also in Townsville, Australia, before settling in the Barton area in the 1980s.  A founder member and subsequently Chair of Barton and Tredworth Neighbourhood Partnership, and also Chairperson of the Barton and Tredworth Resident's Association, Gordon's infectious enthusiasm for the area comes across well in these excerpts.  He has been connected with Charter Court since initial development of the complex in the 1980s, when his mother was one of the first residents.   


Gordon mentions places where he's lived and settling in Barton and Tredworth


Initial impression of Barton & Tredworth and pride in the area now


Memories of former shops and pubs, and Patel's off licence


Buying house in Victoria St in 1986 & notable local people


Chair of B&T Residents' Association & B&T Neighbourhood Partnership


Achievements as Chair of the Neighbourhood Partnership


Gordon's pride in the area and the "Barton spirit"


Clebrations for the 2011 royal wedding & international food events at the Court


Gordon's reflections on his working life


Reflections on growing vegetables


Gordon's hobbies and leisure activities


Memories of the early years of the Charter Court Residents' Association


Changes at Charter Court over the years and its community spirit

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