Henry Poole, fishmonger

Answering a query about Mr Poole

By Paul Evans

On the Barton and Tredworth gmail account (bartonandtredworth@gmail.com) we've received this question:

"I'm currently writing a book about the history behind some of Gloucester's old signs and adverts. One that took my notice was this one for 'H. Poole, fish, fruit, vegetable salesman, potato merchant etc' on Tredworth High Street. I can't seem to find any information about a 'H. Poole' anywhere though. I was wondering if you might be able to help me out with this? If anyone might remember the name? I would really appreciate even the slightest clue that might help me find out more. I have attached a picture of the sign in question."

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Chris West

This is the picture.  You can click on it to see a larger image.

The 1955 Kelly's street Directory for Gloucester lists Hy. W. Poole, fishmngr, at no. 99 High Street.  Poole's is also briefly mentioned in audio clip 4 of the reminiscence at http://www.bartonandtredworth.org.uk/page_id__129.aspx.

Does anyone have any further information about Poole's that you could share with our enquirer via this page?  If so, please add a comment below.   

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I read the piece about Poole's. it seems to me that there was a green grocer in Barton street directly across the street from the baths, my brothers and sisters and I used to pick blackberries on Chosen Hill and fill our chip baskets, then take them down to Poole's, he used to weigh them and I think we got about a half a crown for each basket, I understood that Mr Poole then sold the blackberries to Robinson's jam factory, or maybe it was Robertson's. Not sure if this is helpful but I will speak to my brother to find out more

By Jacqueline Rees Adams
On 24/07/2013

This what my brother writes ''Poole's was in Eastgate Street almost opposite swimming baths, bought blackberries for sixpence a pound. Some went to jam factory others sold in shop at one shilling and sixpence a pound. Almost opposite Poole's was a MacFisheries and the pub Marquis of Granby''

By Jacqueline Rees Adams
On 26/07/2013

Harry Poole lived in Knowles road in the 50s and 60s and later moved out to Ashmore road.  He had a daughter Maureen.Harry would ride his bike up to the rail station each day at about 5.00 in the morning to collect the fresh fish from Grimsby.

By Robert Sandford
On 08/10/2013

Poole green grocers was on corner of High Street Knowles Rd run by Poole family who also lived at premises they were there for many years until about the eighties

By Lilian Lewis
On 02/04/2014