A Polish Lady

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Polish Lady1

Polish lady describes problems with language barrier when she first moved to Barton and her first impressions of the area

Polish Lady4

Children learning English and helping parents and grandparents learn too.

Polish Lady5

Description of favourite food to cook and where she buys ingredients

Polish Lady6

Enjoying access to Polish shops and multicultural services in Barton and Tredworth

Moving from Poland to Gloucester in 2004

By Residents' Association

A Polish lady reflects on what it was like to move to Gloucester in 2004 and to settle in the Barton area.

In the first clip, she explains that life was hard initially because of the "language barrier" but that friends and family who had already moved to Barton were a "big help" in overcoming such difficulties.

She goes on to talk about how finding a job and accommodation was crucial to establishing "normal living" again. The role that services, such as Gloucester City Homes, played in helping them to achieve this is also mentioned.

In later clips, she reflects on how the access to multicultural services in the Barton area contributes to a feeling of well being, the importance of living in a house with a garden, and the Polish shops where she can purchase ingredients for traditional Polish cooking.

The opportunity for her grandchildren to go to school in Gloucester and to learn and be part of both Polish and English culture is celebrated. Through her grandchildren and the education that they receive, she says, she too can learn and improve her English.

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