Marlene and Ken Booker

Image accompanying MP3 audio clip: Marlene and Ken 1 ( KB)

Marlene and Ken 1

Marlene remembers her schooldays at Hatherley Road Infants, St James' Primary and Ribston Hall

Marlene and Ken 2

Marlene remembers what happened when the air raid sirens sounded

Marlene and Ken 3

Ken mentions Marlene's memories of rationing in the War

Marlene and Ken 4

Marlene remembers seeing films at the Picturedrome as a child

Marlene and Ken 5

Marlene remembers working at Sparkes' Bakery and the famous Dripping Cakes

Marlene and Ken 6

Marlene's memories of shops in Barton Street

Image accompanying MP3 audio clip: Marlene and Ken 7 ( KB)

Marlene and Ken 7

Marlene and Ken remember their marriage at All Saints Church in 1958

Marlene and Ken 8

Marlene remembers working with punch cards on early computers

Memories of growing up and getting married in Barton and Tredworth

By Paul Evans

In these audio clips, in conversation with Sue Dubois, Marlene, with comments from her husband Ken, remembers her schooldays; war rationing and the air raid sirens; the shops in Barton Street (including Sparks Bakery, where she was unofficially allowed to work from the age of 14); watching films at the Picturedrome; getting married at All Saints Church (despite Ken's rugby injury, which made wearing a suit difficult); and working with an old style computer prior to the birth of her first child.

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