Anisa Farooq

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Anisa Farooq 1

Anisa's first memories of the shops in Barton Street

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Anisa Farooq 2

Anisa mentions her motivation for starting Libaas and describes the clothes and wares

Anisa Farooq 3

Anisa talks about cooking and the local opportunities to purchase fresh food

Setting up a successful business in Barton Street

By Paul Evans

Anisa opened her shop Libaas in Barton Street in January 2011.  Libaas stocks traditional Asian outfits and Islamic wear.  In this conversation with Sue Dubois, recorded in Summer 2011, Anisa recounts her first memories of the local shops, recalls her motivation for setting up Libaas, the clothes and wares sold, and discusses buying and cooking fresh food.

You can access a digital story about Anisa and her shop here.

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