Do You Live in Carmarthen Street?

A distance learning course indicates what you can learn about the history of the Street using resources available at Gloucestershire Archives

By Paul Evans

Working with Adult Education in Gloucestershire, the Archives has created a distance learning module that you can work through to find out more about carrying out house history.  This module specifically looks at the history of Carmarthen Street from its initial development in the later 19th Century.  It shows how a picture of the Street's history can be built up using maps, planning records, street directories, electoral rolls, and rating and valuation records.  The module is free to access, and shouldn't take more than an hour to work through.  All the resources illustrated in the module are available to view at Gloucestershire Archives.

Send your name and email address to: and we will enrol you!

Six short films were created to provide snapshots of the history of the Street using the resources mentioned above.  You can access the films here.

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