The Great Western Pub

Image accompanying MP3 audio clip: Lynn Mann 1 ( KB)

Lynn Mann 1

Lynn introduces herself and the Great Western pub

Lynn Mann 2

Here Lynn explains how and when she became the Landlady at the Great Western

Lynn Mann 3

Lynn describes how people react when they stumble upon the pub, hidden away in Alfred Street

Lynn Mann 4

In this clip, Lynn recalls some of the shops that have now gone from Barton Street

Lynn Mann 5

Lynn recalls some of the more interesting characters who have visited the Great Western recently

Lynn Mann 6

Finally, Lynn remembers some of the pubs that used to serve the community, but have now shut their doors

Photo:The Great Western, Alfred Street

The Great Western, Alfred Street

Photo:The bar area, full of interesting ornaments

The bar area, full of interesting ornaments

Photo:A view of the award winning beer garden

A view of the award winning beer garden

Lynn Mann reflects on running a unique Barton and Tredworth pub

By Tom Charnock

Lynn Mann has been running the unique Great Western pub in Alfred Street for the last 25 years, and her pub garden has won the Gloucester in Bloom award three times in the last few years. Here in this collection of audio clips, Lynn talks about her life in Barton and Tredworth, how Barton has changed over the years and also about some of the local characters who visit her pub.

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