Charlotte Lewis

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Charlotte Lewis 1

Charlotte gives a brief explanation of the Conservation Areas initiative

Charlotte Lewis 2

In this clip, Charlotte discusses the Vauxhall Inn pub

Charlotte Lewis 3

Here, Charlotte describes the character of the architecture in Barton Street

Charlotte Lewis 4

Discussing the importance of the Picturedrome Theatre

Charlotte Lewis 5

Charlotte describes how she tries to help shop owners with regulations regarding signage in a conservation area

Photo:The Vauxhall Inn during the 1980s

The Vauxhall Inn during the 1980s

Photo:The Vauxhall Inn as it appears today

The Vauxhall Inn as it appears today

Photo copyright: BazzaDaRambler

The conservation of Barton and Tredworth's important buildings

By Tom Charnock

The Barton and Tredworth area has a number of buildings of historical and architectural importance and it is the job of Gloucester City Council to ensure that they survive intact so that future generations can appreciate them. Charlotte Lewis is the Principal Conservation & Design Officer at Gloucester City Council and here in this collection of audio clips, she speaks about the various listed buildings in Barton Street and how their function changes over time. She also gives details of the Conservation Areas initiative which aims to protect historic areas from development.

The images below show the Grade II Listed Vauxhall Inn as a public house during the 1980s, and how it looks as a supermarket today.

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