Jim Slade

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Jim Slade 1

Jim recalls the Golden Heart pub and its unique 'take home' service

Jim Slade 2

Jim's memories of the food he ate during his childhood in Barton

Jim Slade 3

In this clip, Jim recalls Hall's, one of the shops in the Barton area

Jim Slade 4

A memory of an unusual New Year's Day custom

Jim Slade 5

Jim remembers the sight of female horse cart drivers during the war

Jim Slade 6

Fond memories of Mr Coward, 'the whistling coalman.'

Jim Slade 7

In this final clip, Jim recalls the dressing of horses for May Day

A Barton and Tredworth artist whose work has taken him around the world

By Tom Charnock

Jim Slade was born in Gloucester in the 1930s and was brought up in Barton and Tredworth. After attending School in the area, Jim then went to Gloucester School of Arts and Crafts before embarking on a successful career in designing shop window and internal displays. His career took him around the world, and in this selection of sound clips and a digital story, Jim recalls his early memories of Barton and Tredworth and his working life.

To view a digital story about Jim's working life, please click here.

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