Neil Patterson

Neil 1

Neil reflects on growing up in Barton and Tredworth as a child of Jamaican parents in the 1960s.

Neil 2

Neil reflects further on growing up in Barton and Tredworth, and contrasts this with Gloucester today.

Neil 3

Neil reflects on using performance, and particularly dance, as a teenager as a means of developing a sense of worth.

Neil 4

Neil reflects on what he has gained from his upbringing in Barton and Tredworth.

Growing up as a child from a Jamaican family in Alfred Street

By Paul Evans

Neil was born in Gloucester to Jamaican parents who emigrated to Gloucester in the 1950s.  The family lived first in Widden Street, before moving to Alfred Street, from where he attended Widden School.

During these reflections on growing up in Barton and Tredworth, he refers to the 25th anniversary event celebrating the opening of the new Widden School building, which Neil attended as a child.  He also discusses how performance, and originally dance, inspired him to develop a sense of worth.  Neil now works professionally as an actor, dancer and singer, and enjoys teaching these skills.

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