Al-Murad Tiles

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Rashida 01

Rashida tells us the background of the shop and the reasons for opening it

Rashida 02

Rashida remembers her father's work at Walls Ice Cream Factory in the 1960s and celebrates the contribution made by people from the Indian sub-continent and the Caribbean to the economy

Rashida 03

Rashida reflects on the challenges of running a business on Barton Street but explains that she feels "safe and secure" living and working there and that the "heritage of Barton Street cannot be overemphasised" and should be something to be proud of

Gloucester's largest independent ceramic tile and natural stone depot

By Ollie Taylor

Owner Rashida Patel tells us about the history of her shop, the reasons for opening it in 1996 and also reflects on the economic contribution made by workers from the Indian sub-continent and Caribbean in the 1960s and 70s.

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