Angela Hayward and Barbara Thomas

Angela and Barbara 1

Memories of Widden Infants School and Central School in Derby Road

Angela and Barbara 2

Angela's memories of The Picturedrome Cinema in the 1950s

Angela and Barbara 3

Barbara's memories of minors at The Picturedrome on a Saturday

Angela and Barbara 5

Barton Street culture, atmosphere, and "cantin'"

Memories of the Streets and Buildings of Barton

By Ollie Taylor

Angela Hayward and Barbara Thomas remember growing up in Barton.  Their school days at Widden Infants School, their memories of The Picturedrome in the 1950s, and the shops, such as Hutchins, in which they used to buy bread and groceries.

In the final clip, Angela and Barbara recall the atmosphere of Barton Street in their childhood years, and how certain local characters used to spend their days "cantin'", a Gloucester phrase for "chatting".

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