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Agnieszka 1

An insight into life on arrival in Barton from Poland, the support from the Asian community, and the establishment of The Polish Support Group

Agnieszka 2

The role that The Friendship Cafe, Barton Trust Centre, and The Ukrainian Club played in promoting integration and how this was achieved

Agnieszka 3

Agnieszka remembers how it felt when shops began to sell Polish products in Barton and Gloucester

Agnieszka 4

Food as a focus for Polish culture and integration

Agnieszka 5

The role of The Polish Support Group and changes in the Polish community in Gloucestershire

Agnieszka 6

The Polish Saturday School and the experience of Polish children moving to Gloucester

Agnieszka 7

The achievements of The Polish Support Group

One of the founders of the Polish Support Group speaks about what it was like to move to Barton and Tredworth from Poland

By Ollie Taylor

In this interview at The Friendship Cafe, Agnieszka recalls her personal experience of moving to Barton from Poland and the challenges she faced upon arrival.

Her experiences led her to co-found The Polish Support Group, to provide information and services to those moving to the area, and thereby ease their transition and integration into a new country and life.

Agnieszka remembers the support offered to her by members of the Asian community and the support of The Friendship Cafe and other key community venues in the founding of The Polish Support Group. She also reflects on the increase in shops selling Polish products, the effect this has on well-being, and the different experiences of adults and children who move to the area.

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