Short Memories of Widden School

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One Minute Memories

By Magdalena Medynska

Whether they are long or short, the memories of Barton and Tredworth that you share are what make them such special communities.

Here are a few about Widden School that you shared with us. We look forward to hearing more!


"I like doing Widden Workshops."

Diane Lawrence:

"No special memories, Widden family just one happy experience, September 1986."

Fatemah Noormahomed:

"I remember all the teachers and all the assemblies and activities we used to do. All my friends that I haven't met in ages. Meeting up with all the teachers that have left."


"The first time I [went to] school I love it.  It was the best of my life."

Juauine Dailey:

"When I drew a good picture of a spider and a man."

Jo Knight:

" I remember the fire at the centre on the end of Charles Street.  It shut everything including Asda. And we weren't allowed out of the house. Plus, I remember all my memories at Widden Primary!"

Leatitia Mairs:

"I remember going to the rainforest in Year 5. I'm in Year 6."

Mandie Britten:

"On my son's first day at school I cried for hours while he went off to Ms Joliffe's class."

Osama and Halah Shams El-Din:

"About 25 years ago (I think I was quite young!) I went to Indian dance shows with amazing food afterwards, with my sisters and friends from the Forest [of Dean].We all still remember how amazing it was and wish the Picturedrome and King's Theatre would put them on again!"

Tasniya Begum:

"When Mr Gray and our class spent the day flying kites."

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