Charles Campbell

Charles Campbell

Charles remembers what school was like for him and his twin brother

Widden School Memories

By Magdalena Medynska

Rissa interviews Charles Campbell about his memories of Widden School.

Transcript for 'Charles Campbell':

Charles: It’s Charles Campbell. I attended Widden school way back in the seventies at the other site. I was a twin – we were in separate classes to avoid confusion (laughs) and I suppose one of my vivid memories was being in the band and I played the triangle, but I remember that we went to competitions and we won a cup in Cheltenham. And I was just discussing that with Mrs Green who I just met, who taught me in InfantsSchool.

Rissa: That’s a lovely memory. That’s really lovely. Is there anything else that you want to add to that now as we’re sitting here?  

Charles: Well one funny memory, as I say I was a twin, and in year six my twin brother and I swapped classes. (Laughs) One of the teachers knew, but one didn’t, and Mr Naylor, who I think may be coming along later, he had no idea that we’d swapped classes. Mr Cook, who was my teacher, was in on it, but Mr Naylor had no idea at all, and at the end of the day we told him. (Laughs)

Rissa: Thank you. That was great. That’s a really lovely memory isn’t it!

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