Rachel Williams


Rachel's childhood memories of Barton Fair and its attractions


Rachel remembers Widden School in wartime, All Saints Church and its closure, and the arrival of residents from the West Indies


Rachel's memories of youth club activities

Memories of Barton Fair, All Saints Church and the Allington Hall youth club

By Paul Evans

Rachel Williams, nee Jackson, was born in 1937 in Windmill Parade, and has lived in Barton and Tredworth all her life.  In this conversation with Ian Coe, recorded at the Barton Cultural Fayre in August 2014, Rachel shares her childhood memories of Barton Fayre, Widden School, All Saints church and vicarage, the impact of World War 2, and events organised through the youth club in Allington Hall.  Rachel also remembers the arrival of people from the West Indies in the City after the War, and the closure of All Saints as attendances fell.  Her good humour shines through clearly in these memories.  

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