Reflections on the Hidden Lives Community Project

This extremely successful Heritage Lottery funded project has now finished

By Paul Evans

There are many successes to reflect upon, not least the creation of this website, which we hope will continue to develop as a key resource for anyone interested in the past and present of Barton and Tredworth.

Other achievements are:

  • the creation of a piece of Reminiscence theatre, with 12 performances to altogether over 1,000 people across 10 venues in the County.  You can watch two trailers designed to publicise the performance here
  • that, amongst the theatrical performances, 7 were to local schools.  It was performed to 550 primary and secondary school children, and 150 children attended 6 accompanying workshops about oral history
  • the creation of a number of digital stories, combining people's oral reminiscence with appropriate images.  You can view the stories here
  • over 60 residents were interviewed from a variety of backgrounds and cultures; edited excerpts can be found on the pages on this site, while the complete interviews are preserved at Gloucestershire Archives
  • 27 volunteers were trained in a variety of skills, including web writing and editing, interviewing, editing oral history recordings, digital storytelling, reminiscence theatre and evaluation techniques
  • that overall over 500 people attended the public events that were put on to publicise the project, including a Memory Fair in June 2011, and a Heritage Open Day event in September 2011 that celebrated the history of the Picturedrome Theatre, and included a Tredworth Remembered forum and guided tours of Barton St and Tredworth conducted by Anna Morris of Gloucestershire County Council's Archaeology unit
  • the creation of a range of key stage 2 educational resources inspired by the area
  • that the project activities allowed a high degree of inter-generational working, which was particularly apparent in the creation of the theatre piece where the non-professional young actors, 75% of whom were experiencing reminiscence theatre for the first time, worked closely with the four people whose memories formed the content of the piece
  • that the project's activities allowed people from a range of diverse cultures and backgrounds to meet and share their experiences

Although the Hidden Lives project has finished, the project partners are keen to continue to work with the Barton and Tredworth community to develop further heritage projects.  Please get in touch if you have ideas about potential projects, or would like to volunteer your support or reminiscences.


This page was added by Paul Evans on 12/07/2012.