Michael Cassar

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Mike introduces himself and explains how he was sent to Barnardos


Mike remembers what life was like at Barnardos


Mike's other childhood memories


Memories of Mike's naval training and the strict discipline


Mike's memories of serving in the Royal Navy, and the places visited


Memories of moving to Churchdown and Mike's first civilian job, on the buses


Mike's time working for the GWR, and a near accident


Mike's reaction to seeing a robbery leads to the apprehension of the criminals


Mike's memories of Barton St and his first house, and a move to Woburn Ave


Working in Swindon and part time jobs in Gloucester; house moves to Bodiam Ave and Hardwicke


Mike remembers the home birth of his second son, Michael


Running garage in Bristol road before return to Cornwall, and then moving to Reading to meet his mother


Employed in security role at Reading University, Mike remembers student pranks before working in a garage


Mike retired in 2010 and remembers moving to Charter Court


Memories of Mike's father and his sister's family moving to Australia, and Mike's views on Melbourne

Detailed memories of a full and varied life

By Paul Evans

Mike was born at Flushing in Cornwall, just across the river from Falmouth.  His father was in the merchant navy and, when his mother left him and his siblings, he lived for a short time with his gran, before going to Barnardo's in 1944.  Leaving there, he joined the Royal Navy and saw many different parts of the world before moving to Churchdown to join his father in 1959.  His first rented house was in Barton St, and he had a succession of jobs locally and at Swindon before returning to Cornwall and then moving to Reading in 1980, when contact with his mother was re-established.  Retiring in 2010, he returned to Gloucester to be near his family, moving into Charter Court in 2011.

Mike's detailed memories are recounted with great honesty and good humour and, although I didn't make much of an interviewer (Neil Faulkner was also present and speaks in one excerpt), it was wonderful to listen to his recollections.  

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