Hazel Ponter

Hazel 1

Hazel's earliest memories of Barton & Tredworth

Hazel 2

Hazel recalls her memories of Tredworth high street when she was a young girl

Hazel 3

Hazel tells how she thinks the high street in Tredworth has changed since her childhood

Hazel 4

In this clip, Hazel recounts her move to Salisbury Road and the birth of her son, and the move to Marlborough Road in 1969

Hazel 5

Recollections of some of the vicars who have been based at St James' Church

Hazel 6

Here, Hazel recalls the formation of the St James Church Young Wives' Group, and the kinds of activities they would take part in

Hazel 7

In this final clip, Hazel explains what she believes makes Barton & Tredworth feel like her home and why it is a unique area in Gloucester

Photo:A five month old Hazel with her mother

A five month old Hazel with her mother

Photo:Hazel on her son's wedding day

Hazel on her son's wedding day

Memories of Tredworth High Street and St James' Church

By Tom Charnock

Hazel Ponter spent much of her childhood visiting her cousins in Tredworth, before moving to the area a little later. In this interview with Adam Fotheringham, Hazel recalls her fondest memories of Tredworth high street and how it has changed over the years. An active and influential member of the congregation of the St James' Church, Hazel also explains her involvement in setting up the Young Wives Group (later the Ladies Group) and also what the Tredworth area and its people mean to her.

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