Barbara Beven and Susan Scrivens

Barbara and Sue 1

Barbara remembers her early life, playing games in the street and attending Carlton Rd School

Barbara and Sue 2

Barbara remembers her working life, meeting her husband, their marriage and subsequent life together

Barbara and Sue 3

Memories of Barbara's husband working in bomb disposal during WW2

Barbara and Sue 4

Memories of working at Southern's grocery store in Northgate St, and of other shops in the Street

Barbara and Sue 5

Sue remembers growing up in Highfield Rd and the local coalman's horses

Barbara and Sue 6

Barbara's memories of washing, including renting a washing machine with attached mangle

Barbara and Sue 7

Sue remebers leaving home to get married and her subsequent homes

Barbara and Sue 8

Christmas memories, including chicken as a treat, christmas cake with decorations, and listening to the Queen

Barbara and Sue 9

Barbara's husband's favourite music and their shared pride in the British soldier

Barbara and Sue 10

Memories of making toffee apples

Barbara and Sue 11

Memories of Mr Salter's shop, from where faggots were purchased for tea. Mr Salter died in a car accident

Barbara and Sue 12

Memories of Mrs Merrett's vegetable shop and her corrugated iron fencing

Barbara reminisces about 100 years in Gloucester with her daughter Sue

By Paul Evans

In this interview with Gwynne Brown, Barbara, 100 years young in 2013, reflects on a life spent resident wholly in Gloucester.  Barbara's youngest daughter Sue joined her for the interview, and adds her own memories.  Sue was formerly scheme manager at Charter Court.  Their stories are recounted with wonderful humour, and include memories of local people and Gloucester shops.


Barbara celebrated her 102nd birthday on 26 January 2015.  The Citizen reported on the 27th, as follows:

It was celebrations all round as great-grandmother Barbara Bevan celebrated her 102nd birthday yesterday.

Barbara, who has four children, eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren, enjoyed a day out with family members at Hatton Court Hotel.

She was born in Archibald Street, Gloucester, before moving to Stanley Road.

Barbara, who worked in the grocery trade from a young age, met her late husband Francis Thomas Bevan while out socialising with friends and the rest was history.

Barbara said: “I remember my wedding day, my family and friends came, it was very special. We got married at St Paul’s Church in Linden and, for our honeymoon, we went to Dawlish on the coast of Devon.”

The couple then moved to Highfield Road and had four children.

Daughter Judy Smith said: “My mum was a great mother when we were growing up.

“As a family we always enjoyed caravan holidays.

“She always enjoyed running and is a very jolly person. I go to visit her a lot, she lives in Broom House in Robinswood Hill, where she gets on well with everyone.”

She added: “Everyone is very fond of her there.

“Mum had a lovely time on her birthday – around 10 family members took her to Hatton Court Hotel, which she enjoyed a day out.

“As well as working in charity shops Barbara also worked in Woolworth in Gloucester.”

Barbara said: “I started off in the grocery trade from a young age.

“I went on to have four children and we always enjoyed caravan holidays when the children were young. It was very good fun.

“I had a lovely birthday and I got many flowers, presents and cards. I don’t really feel my age.”

Granddaughter Paula Smith said: “There are five generations of us and my Nana is really special. She is always smiling and is very kind.

“She never has a bad word about anyone.”

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