Archive images of St James' School

Two images reproduced from the holdings of Gloucestershire Archives

By Paul Evans

The upper image is a lithograph of St James' Parochial Schools from June 1844.It was published in aid of the Building Fund, which at the time showed a deficiency of £300 (over £13,000 in 2012 money).  The school mistresses stand in the centre with boys playing bat and ball (behind left) and two girls sewing beneath the tree (foreground left).

The lower image is taken from 1909.

You can see larger images of both items by clicking on them.

Photo:A154/45 (Gloucestershire Archives)

A154/45 (Gloucestershire Archives)

Photo:P154/8/SC13 (Gloucestershire Archives)

P154/8/SC13 (Gloucestershire Archives)

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