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Welcome to the Barton and Tredworth website!

Here, people connected with the area can share their memories about life and work in this unique part of Gloucester.  You can read and listen to other people's stories, see their photographs and videos, and share your own material too.

Woven together, these stories make up a distinctive shared inheritance.  Don't forget that yesterday is history.  Thus this site isn't only about what happened in Barton and Tredworth many years ago.  It's also about what's happening now.  It'd be really interesting to hear about a day in your life, if you'd like to share your experiences with us.

If you enjoy browsing this site and have a bit of free time, would you be interested in helping to develop and edit it?  The editing program is really easy to use, and full training will be given.  Without committing yourself to anything, if you would be interested in knowing more please contact us.

We are also keen to ensure that the content of this site reflects what you wish to see on it.  Thus, if you have ideas about themes that you would like the site to explore, please do get in touch with your suggestions.

Please note that the views expressed on this website are those of the article authors and interviewees, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site editors.


This site was created as part of Hidden Lives, a Heritage Lottery funded partnership project between the Gloucester Theatre Company, Gloucestershire Archives, and the University of Gloucestershire.  The project aimed to celebrate Barton and Tredworth and its inhabitants in a variety of creative ways, including creating reminiscence theatre and digital stories from individual memories. 

Perhaps you'd like to create your own digital story?  You can find an easy to follow tutorial on how to do this here

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