A collection of diverse stories

To help celebrate Black History Month, we are showcasing the stories of people who have moved to the Gloucester from overseas.

Their stories help to build up a picture of the social history of the most diverse areas of the city.  They also share personal experiences of living and working in Barton and Tredworth.  Woven together, these stories represent a distinctive shared inheritance.

Page link: Carlton Green
Carlton Green
A journey from Jamaica to Gloucester
Page link: Dawn Mitchell
Dawn Mitchell
A West Indian family in Stratton Road in the 1960s
Page link: Donald McCalla
Donald McCalla
The Melbourne Street church turning local lives around
Page link: Fiona Kam Meadley
Fiona Kam Meadley
Recording the traditional songs, poems, and stories of Barton Street's many cultures
Page link: Gail Johnson: Chair of the St Ann Society
Gail Johnson: Chair of the St Ann Society
Based in All Nations Community Centre in Gloucester
Page link: Joyce Green
Joyce Green
Moving from Jamaica to Howard St and attending St James' Church
Page link: Mahmoud M Patel
Mahmoud M Patel
One family's journey to Salisbury Road from India via Barbados in the 1960s
Page link: Naomi Patterson
Naomi Patterson
Memories of travelling from Jamaica for a new life in Gloucester
Page link: Nasreen Akhtar
Nasreen Akhtar
A journey from Pakistan to become Gloucester's award-winning Ethnic Services Librarian
Page link: Rashida Patel
Rashida Patel
From Gujarat to Gloucester